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0000127HomeParty Rep 2.0[All Projects] Dashboardpublic2017-12-02 13:12
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Summary0000127: Lookbook - Pictures for new items are not on the lookbook.
DescriptionWe have 5 new items and the pictures are not showing in the Lookbook
Steps To ReproduceMB1321, MB3294, MB5503, MB5504, MB5505
Additional InformationPictures are in HPR2 and .ca
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administrator (administrator)

This is a bit of a mess. Will take me a bit to sort it out.


administrator (administrator)

Images now load from filesystem


reps (reporter)

The lookbook is only 8 pages now, so there are many items missing.


reps (reporter)

I have uploaded the latest lookbook to show you that it is not containing all of the items.


administrator (administrator)

Uploaded where? Just need a sku of a couple items that aren't there that should be.


administrator (administrator)

Think I have this sorted out.


reps (reporter)

I tried several times to run the Lookbook today and I had no luck. Is there a different link that we need to update in resources?


administrator (administrator)

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Works fine here. I will need a lot more information to help you.


reps (reporter)

the Lookbook does not work here or at Chantal's . When you click on Submit, all you get is a blank screen . The Lookbook does not load.


administrator (administrator)

The issue only applies to the lookbook when you chose all the options. The new way I have to grab the images is causing a memory overrun. I really have 2 options. I develop a caching method with is not a simple fix, likely a 3-5h job but would speed up and reduce memory usage. Or I can remove complete on the lines allowing only to print one at a time, which does work.


reps (reporter)

We are fine with printing it 1 size at a time, but we would like some changes made for instruction. See a sample of what the wording should be .


administrator (administrator)

Removed Complete and added message.


reps (reporter)

one item does not have a picture - MB3180 in the Demi Lookbook. Other than that it looks good! Where do the pictures come from for the Lookbook?


reps (reporter)

Also, Linda would like the box that gives you a timeline removed or leave it with no choice and put complete in the box. No dropdown.


administrator (administrator)

Images come from .ca. If it's just one there may be something wrong with that image. Please try removing a re-uploading.

Removed timeline.

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