2021-09-25 17:43 EDT

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
 00001403   Front End/Ordersminorresolved (administrator)2017-12-20Cannot cancel Order 102327 in HPR2
 00001432   Front End/Ordersminorresolved (administrator)2017-12-10Setting up a new rep
 00001451   Dashboardminorresolved (administrator)2017-12-09Kimberley Latvala cannot view her commission for October
 00001441   Front End/Ordersminorresolved (administrator)2017-12-09Reps cannot print from the fulfillment screen
 00001361   Dashboardminorresolved (administrator)2017-12-03Change configuartion of the Petite kit
 0000127151 Dashboardminorresolved (administrator)2017-12-02Lookbook - Pictures for new items are not on the lookbook.
 00001321   Dashboardminorresolved (administrator)2017-11-10Rep is unable to update her BIO
 00001281   Front End/Ordersminorresolved (administrator)2017-11-08Rep #60014 Tania SoucyHowe Party 351
 000012541 Front End/Ordersmajorresolved (administrator)2017-11-03Double payment on Web orders through the HPR2 Site
 00001125   Dashboardminorresolved (administrator)2017-10-30Link to provide downline is not working.
 00001215   Dashboardmajorresolved (administrator)2017-10-30IPhone is not showing Rep Locator
 00001231   Dashboardminorresolved (administrator)2017-10-26Deleting rep - moving to Inactive - needs postal code
 00001173   Front End/Ordersminorresolved (administrator)2017-10-21commission letters
 000011811 Dashboardminorresolved (administrator)2017-10-20Cannot add new customer or new hostess .
 000011622 Dashboardmajorresolved (administrator)2017-10-18Michebag.ca
 000011511 Dashboardminorresolved (administrator)2017-10-18Rep locator not working
 00001111   Dashboardminorresolved (administrator)2017-10-16If we go into the rep locator on the ,ca site alist of names comes up and if you access their site it does not show the Hostess
 000009131 Dashboardminorresolved (administrator)2017-10-16Sales - Report - Corrections and changes
 000011411 Front End/Ordersminorresolved (administrator)2017-10-16Weird issue with a web order
 000011023 Front End/Ordersminorresolved (administrator)2017-10-16Orlene Cameron site is not showing up
 000010811 Front End/Ordersmajorresolved (administrator)2017-10-11USA Party orders from the system have multiple picking lists
 000010911 Dashboardminorresolved (administrator)2017-10-11Incentive tab on the dashboard it is giving incorrect info
 0000093102 Front End/Ordersminorresolved (administrator)2017-10-10Cancelling orders
 0000107    Dashboardfeatureresolved (administrator)2017-10-09Add rep to fulfillment screen.
 00001052   Front End/Ordersminorresolved (administrator)2017-10-06Missing Web orders from Commission letters
 00001061   Dashboardcrashresolved (administrator)2017-10-06cannot close party
 000010411 Dashboardminorresolved (administrator)2017-10-05EFT summary
 00001031   Front End/Ordersminorresolved (administrator)2017-10-05Commission Letters
 000010111 Front End/Ordersminorresolved (administrator)2017-10-04Instructions of Invoices are not getting printed with the party package(YELLOW BUTTON)
 00000942   Front End/Ordersminorresolved (administrator)2017-10-03Ordering tob's
 000009811 Front End/Ordersminorresolved (administrator)2017-10-03Paid invoice is not reflecting Psigate number/and invoice does not show discount for Classic kit
 0000100    Front End/Ordersminorresolved (administrator)2017-10-03system is allowing reps to pick more than one hostess gift
 000009731 Front End/Ordersminorresolved (administrator)2017-09-29Direct ship orders
 000008732 Front End/Ordersminorresolved (administrator)2017-09-25Having issue with the incorrect address on the picking list
 000008911 Front End/Ordersmajorresolved (administrator)2017-09-25When splitting payments HPR2 is calculating higher payment then necessary.
 00000851   Dashboardminorresolved (administrator)2017-09-25Master Lookbook from the Pulse site
 00000681   Dashboardmajorresolved (administrator)2017-09-21AR numbers are not in new HPR site
 000008811 Front End/Ordersmajorresolved (administrator)2017-09-20HPR 2 has allowed a customer to order an item that has been retired since August
 000008621 Front End/Ordersminorresolved (administrator)2017-09-20When a rep uses her incentive money to apply to an order
 00000791   Dashboardminorresolved (administrator)2017-09-19Look book not being updated with new releases and shells out of the closet
 000008321 Front End/Ordersmajorresolved (administrator)2017-09-19HPR 2 is calculating interest on the gift certificate
 000008011 Dashboardminorresolved (administrator)2017-09-18error on order detail
 00000821   Dashboardmajorresolved (administrator)2017-09-18Deleting Orders
 000007811 Dashboardminorresolved (administrator)2017-09-16Having issues with getting the proper addresses into the picking list
 00000761   Dashboardminorresolved (administrator)2017-09-14Legacy site is reporting an error
 00000691   Dashboardmajorresolved (administrator)2017-09-13Commission
 00000721   Dashboardminorresolved (administrator)2017-09-13Change Status from NEW to SHIPPED on Web orders
 00000731   Front End/Ordersminorresolved (administrator)2017-09-13REp Cancelled order after party was closed
 00000671   Front End/Ordersmajorresolved (administrator)2017-09-12Web orders thru rep sites only charging $5 shipping
 0000036    Dashboardminorresolved (administrator)2017-09-10HPR orders do not show on Download Sales Report